Seventeen-year-old Emerin has always known that there is something unusual about her. But only when she heads toward the mountains that have been beckoning her, does she finally understand her true significance.

On the other side of the Riverlands lies Nebril City, a sprawling metropolis that is taking over the lands that surround it. But this growing city has a dark secret that threatens the security of everyone around it, and only a select few are able to right the wrongs that have been committed. 

Now Emerin and her best friend Jalya, two na├»ve farm girls, must leave home for the first time to fulfill the quest that they have been given. They must restore balance to the spirit world of their land in order to save the physical world in which they live. To complete their mission, Jalya must find her missing brother and Emerin must find a part of herself that she never knew existed.

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The Nebril Riverlands has been increasingly tormented by Orlogs, dark, sinister beasts with the ability to paralyze their victims and drain their life force. A ghastly secret is revealed, linking these creatures with Nebril City, and only the Guardians can put an end to the spiritual corruption that threatens their home.

On an adventure that takes them from the Beyjerones’ caves to the Riverlands’ most notorious prison, Emerin, Jalya, and Ashel continue their quest to find Emerin’s elusive bei clu va and the missing Lamorian Rock, the only substance with the ability to release their lands from darkness.

They are joined by the Beyjerones, the Varsak, and the other warriors of the Twelve Clans who combine to make a strong fighting force, but does their small army stand a chance against the massive military of Nebril City?

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Emerin Gareth has been waiting her whole life to find her bei clu va. Now, after a long, perilous journey and a bloody battle, Emerin finally comes face to face with the man who holds the other half of her soul. But, with the Nebril army nearby, will their reunion go as planned? Or will she again be separated from the one she needs the most?

The third book in The Nebril Riverland Chronicles finds the Army of the Twelve Clans retreating from their attack on the notorious Mernwick’s Prison. Emerin and her friends must continue their quest to find the Lamorian Rock and save the Riverlands from being consumed by darkness.

Prisoners of a Doomed Land is coming soon.