Ancient villains...Mythical Creatures
A city of dark immortals...A misfit farm girl
Heroes with severed souls trying to save a broken land...

My name is Emerin and I have always had a compulsion to wander. Plagued by headaches since I was a child, their pain has driven me to the hills outside of our small village for as long as I can remember. Something out there has been beckoning me and I have spent a lifetime longing to answer its call. But the elders have their own plans for me. I have just turned sevent
een, which is when girls are matched for marriage. Unfortunately, being married to someone from this town is not how I envision my future.

But little did I know, a chance meeting with a strange creature would change my life, causing me to question everything I have ever known.

Nebril City, on the other side of the Riverlands, is a sprawling metropolis that I have never seen, but it is rapidly taking over the lands that surround it. This growing city has a dark secret that threatens everyone, and only a select group of people are able to right the wrongs that have been committed. And, unfortunately, one of those people is me.

Now my best friend, Jalya, and I must leave home for the first time and embark on an epic journey. The world outside of our village is full of unimaginable horrors—horrors which we have the power to stop if only we can follow through on this quest we have been given. Our mission is clear. Jalya must find her missing brother and I must find a part of myself that I never knew existed.

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Twelve clans assembling for war...Giants enveloping the land in ice
A missing rock...A mysterious crystal
A young woman still searching for her other half...

My life has certainly changed since I left home. I have almost drowned, flown on the back of a man-bat, and been paralyzed by an Orlog. And now, we have learned a ghastly secret linking these dark creatures with Nebril City. Only the Guardians can put an end to the spiritual corruption that threatens our home. But unfortunately, most of them have mysteriously disappeared, and those of us that are left, are hunted down for reasons unknown.

And now we must wait in the Beyjerones caves until our army amasses before making the journey to Mernwick’s prison to find my bei clu va. The Beyjerone soldiers, the Varsak giants, and the other warriors of the Twelve Clans will make a strong fighting force, but I fear they may not stand a chance against the massive military of Nebril City. 

I’m also worried about Ashel. He has been severely weakened by the effects of the black bei and is being tempted by the voice of a powerful foe. His feelings for me are becoming obvious as well, but I have a duty. There’s a man out there who holds the other half of my soul, a man to whom I am profoundly drawn, a man who must be by my side if we are to save the Riverlands.

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Inside the walls of Mernwick’s Prison, I am held captive, forced to take part in a shocking program designed to hide the evils of Nebril City. As bei clu prisoners, we carry secrets that must be kept from the guards, but so far, this has been an unbearable task.

I had almost given up hope when someone I trust arrived with information and a plan of escape.

Far to the north of us, the Army of the Twelve Clans has regrouped in the foggy depths of Dalagmi Swamp. A ragtag group of outlanders and village people have joined them, training to become warriors in this great rebellion.  

From the safety of the swamplands, the Beyjerones are forming a plan to steal a valuable crystal from the King’s castle. My friends and I have an important role to play, and I wonder what will be asked of us when we are together once again.

But to find out, we must first break out of this dreadful place.